‘1991’ in Development

1991 is the brief retelling of what it is like to be on the cusp of womanhood in the early ‘90s as a victim of sexual assault in a community encased in fear. Youth are left to their own devices. Poverty is rampant. And misogyny is the norm. It’s a world unlike today, and yet, eerily similar.

1991 explores the labour it takes to share a story of sexual assault through a coming of age narrative set in the 90s. Using overhead projections, magazine cut-out collage, live voice modulation, and cassette tapes; a movie is created live through the whispered efforts of the performers.

  • Workshop presentation of 1991 at Storefront Theatre’s Feminist Fuck It Festival in Toronto, April 2018

  • Workshop presentation of 1991 at the Cultural Program’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts in Vancouver, September 2018

Exciting News about the premiere of 1991 scheduled for Spring 2019 in Toronto coming soon!