Ain’t Gonna Make It is a multimedia blues show that takes an unsentimental look at the meaning and certainty of knowing: You. Are. Gonna. Die. It's played from the perspective of Eric, a 29-year-old who's gotta figure out how to live now that he's never gonna see 30.

GbA created Ain’t Gonna Make It for the Yale Cabaret, where it premiered in October 2012, and the New Haven Review named it a best original play. It was revamped for Ars Nova's 2014 ANT Fest in NYC, featuring all-new music by Chris Bannow and Mickey Theis.

Photos by Nicholas Thigpen.

Ain't Gonna Make It was created by Cole Lewis, Nicholas Hussong, Masha Tsimring and Lauren Dubowski, along with Chris Bannow and Mickey Theis (composers/performers), Steve Brush (music direction and arrangement), Ryan Campbell (performer), James Ilgenfritz (performer), Pornchanok Kanchanabanca (performer), Tyler Kieffer (sound designer), Sarah Krasnow (performer), Kristen Robinson (scenic designer), Sally Shen (producer), and Lico Whitfield (performer).

Performers from the original production (pictured) also helped develop the content of the show. This includes Timothy Hassler, Hansol JungMJ Kaufman, and Jenny Schmidt.