After a serial killer strikes again in her hometown, welfare kid Nicole heads south of the border to stay with her father, a boozy, fist-swinging Vietnam veteran. But safety is elusive. And one neighbourhood danger is exchanged for another. And another. Jumping from crap car to seedy bar to crap car, 12-year-old Nicole hunts for a way out unscathed.

1991 is a coming-of-age story told through projected shadows and photographs. With a distinctive blend of analogue and digital technology that is matched by a truly astounding story, Guilty by Association digs deep into a culture of misogyny and the resilience of youth. A thirty minute Long Table Discussion follows the performance, facilitated by Jessica Carmichael.

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Guilty by Association at The Riser PROJECT

Directed by Cole Lewis; Produced by Claire Burns; Dramaturgy by Patrick Blenkarn and Jessica Carmichael; Projection Design by Patrick Blenkarn and Cole Lewis; Sound Design by Sam Ferguson; Lighting Design by Andre DuToit*; Stage Managed by Giuseppe Condello

Performed by Jessica Carmichael, Mina James, Cole Lewis and Montserrat Videla

*as part of the Riser Project

The Riser Project- A collaborative producing model created by Theatre Why Not. For More Information about Riser check out www.riserproject.org

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